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Bob in the den

17 March 2014



4 June 2011

Colgate Scene - Spring 2011

Spring 2011 Maroon'd small version

A few months ago, I was emailed by my class rep at my university, Colgate. I gave her the breifest of updates about our life and said, get in touch with Martin.

5 May 2011



3 April 2011

Taxman cometh...

A Darling

18 March 2008

UK Weather Forecasting Sucks

“Roads will be icy, in particular … everywhere.”

22 January 2007

Allotment : Paper Pots

paper pots

26 March 2006

Looking for Work

Well, I seriously doubt if it will help, but I thought I should cover all bases and post my CV/Resum{e’} here.

27 February 2006

Becoming British = Becoming a Druid?


23 November 2005

Work for Beer?

Real Ale

7 November 2005

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