The question was;

“How much interested do you have in the 2012 Olympics now that you didn’t get a single ticket in the lottery?”

We are furious. We spent hours carefully picking events, selecting tickets, making sure we had the money in our accounts for the big UK Olympic ticket lottery. We purposely picked more obscure events that we would have a better chance to get tickets for. It was a whole family activity. We knew we wouldn’t get them all, but thought we should get a couple.

In the end we ordered over £750 worth. For weeks we checked our Visa account to see if the money came out. Nothing… nothing… and nothing. We got nothing!

So, here we are living in London, paying for the thing and we can’t go. Instead, people from all over the world can go on first come, first serve sites, but we can’t. By the time we found out we got nothing, it was too late, these sites were sold out too.

Now we can keep paying for the games, be massively inconvenienced by it , but not see any of it. Great. Seb Coe, you have truly disappointed our family.