Japan - Day 3 - Seoul to Tokyo

Stayed Shinjuku Warm House  
Ate Lunch Korean fried chicken
  Dinner Corn dogs and onigiri
Travel Flying 9,833 km - 14 hours 7 minutes
  Train 68 km
  Walking 7.7 km

We had about five hours to spend at Inchon Airport. Shattered, I attempted to sleep, but we wandered aimlessly, ate fried chicken, and watched actors parade around the airport dressed as medieval Korean royalty.

When we arrived at Narita Airport, we had to go through a relatively painless but lengthy process of proving we were Covid-safe (which ends on 5 May 2023). Then we picked up the Mifi router we pre-ordered, our three-day subway pass, and our Skyline ticket to Tokyo.

Once at our hotel, we wandered out for street food and drinks and went to bed.