Japan - Day 2 - München to Seoul

Stayed on the plane  
Ate Breakfast at Runa’s
  Lunch Chicken cutlet sandwich at Wiener’s at the airport
Travel Flying 5,282 miles - 11 hours 21 minutes

After a short night’s sleep, we had a quick breakfast at the hotel and waited until Angela’s Aunt Mimi, Aunt Gacki, and cousins Juan & Sylvia arrived.

Our hotel happily let us sit in their restaurant and served us all drinks even though they were not open. I had never met Juan and Sylvia, and neither had Owen, so that was nice. We had about two hours of catching up and then had to head back to the airport.

The flight to Seoul was uneventful. The only problem was that because of the war in Ukraine, we had to fly far south and far longer than expected.