Japan - Day 7 - Tokyo

Stayed Shinjuku Warm House  
Ate Lunch Ramen at Hyakunen Honpo Akihabara
  Drinks Drinks at igu & peace
  Dinner Monjayaki at Yakitori Mizutaki Toriichizu
Travel Train 23 km
  Walking 17.6 km

Owen was feeling much better this morning, so we visited as many places as possible to make up for yesterday. We started in Akihabara and visited loads of anime, manga, and game arcade shops. It is as fun to watch the other shoppers as seeing the items on sale. However, it often has two strange themes running through the shops, infantilisation and sexualisation of characters. It makes me worry about all the children visiting and seeing this everywhere.

We then walked to the Nezu Shrine, which had a lovely, but nearly finished, display of azaleas and tori gates. Nearby we paid for a decorative sugar-making (amezaiku) demonstration at Maiko Kato Candy Works.

Then went back to the Shibuya area, walked down the streets of Harajuku, famous for trendy clothing and cosplay shops. Followed by drinks and dinner near Shibuya Station. The drinks were so-so, but the dinner was Monjayaki, a very loose version of Okonomiyaki, that Owen made for us at the table.